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40 years of W-FILTER GmbH

The history of the family business dates back to 1980: during this time, Günter Waldow, as an engineering office, began to conquer the market for industrial valves with various products: be it gate valves, bottom drain valves or individual customer solutions.

Over the years, the focus has been on the development, manufacture and sale of dirt traps / strainer filters / pot filters in welded construction, in which W-FILTER is now proving its advantages. A filter program that allows special designs within the nominal sizes DN50/2″-DN1000/40″ (DIN PN10-PN100, ANSI Class 150-300) as well as the use of the filters in horizontal and vertical pipelines.

Well-known companies from the following branches of industry are among the customers:

• Energy and environmental technology (z.B. biomass, BHKW)

• Chemical and petrochemical (z.B. Isophoron, refinery)

• Power plant and supply technology (z.B. district heating)

• Custom-made products for other applications

With all these trades, the focus was on low flow resistance and the resulting low energy consumption with low and time-saving cleaning frequency of the system.

After more than 35 years of managing the company, Günter Waldow has now passed the baton to his son, Dirk Waldow. With extensive experience in Germany and abroad at various companies in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, he is now the second generation to steer the fortunes and successful expansion of the entrepreneurial activities of W-FILTER GmbH.

Dirk Waldow

Dirk Waldow

Position: Geschäftsführer

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FVZ W-Filter Imagebroschüre ENG

FVZ W-Filter Imagebroschüre ENG

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FVZ W-Filter Imagebroschüre DE

Published: 08. July 2020
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