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Thermador International now called SYVECO

Author: Vulkan Verlag

Date: 30. May. 2020

The new company name for the wholesaler is shorter and more direct, and simply sounds rounder. The human aspect of a modern company should be brought to the fore by the syllable “CO”; Co stands for “together” and underlines the company’s commitment to more customer satisfaction.
“Let it flow” with SYVECO is the new motto that alludes to the company’s field of activity, but is also a promise of simplicity and ease in customer relations: “We are stock We are service We are simplicity We are Syveco, your valve stockist…so let it flow” The previous colours will continue to be part of the new logo, with an “S” in relief, symbolizing volume and stock, but also representing the variety of products on offer. The Syveco brand was developed in collaboration with the teams. The new communication concept will be unveiled for the first time at the Wod-Kann trade fair in Poland in May 2019.
The principles remain unchanged
The existing range remains: a wide selection of industrial fittings and accessories for the construction and garden sectors (heating, plumbing, ventilation, pumps) with rapid availability thanks to a large stock. Customer service is provided by a multicultural team. This means that Syveco is closer to its partners in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
A new identity with stronger customer orientation
Many customers describe the company as the “ultimate wholesaler of valves and fittings”. Customers describe the purchasing process as simple and smooth. In addition to a wide range of products, SYVECO offers each customer a personal contact. Translated with

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