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New Issue - Industrial Valves 2022

What steps are important now to enable a stable but sustainable economy?
The international edition of "Industriearmaturen+Dichtungstechnik" would like to accompany you in these steps and show you what is already possible today in industrial valves to produce more sustainably.
On the one hand, there is a need for a massive increase in the efficiency of our plants. There is still a lot of potential here that can be exploited with the help of modern measurement technology and correctly designed valves and actuators. A technical report on page 43, for example, shows how this can be done. Networking plants can also help. Actuators that collect and monitor data via Ethernet increase plant availability, as an article on page 49 explains. In addition to optimizing efficiency, however, the type of energy we used to supply our plants or even the population is also important. The industry, which has been using hydrogen for over 40 years, has a special role to play in the energy turnaround, which politicians are promoting with a major hydrogen campaign. In our trade magazine, you will find five technical articles that describe in more detail the handling of this challenging medium and show which fittings are used for it and how to test their suitability. Even the supposed C-part, seals, has an important role to play when it comes to avoiding emissions, as the reports on pages 54 and 56 show. On the other hand, there are many other innovative solutions and new products that help users achieve their goals. You can find some of them on pages 4 to 15 or in our Buyers’ Guide starting on page 60.

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Industrial Valves 2022


Technical Reports

In this issue you will find numerous technical reports dedicated to the challenging medium of hydrogen. It also deals with the simple implementation of the digital nameplate in plants. Two technical reports have a focus on sealing text.

„Hydrogen and Industrial Valves“

Five Technical Reports on pages 16, 20, 25, 30, 38

Market Place

Find out which product is right for your application in our market review.

Products & Services

New products and solutions for your applications and challenges.

„Durable special Hartmann ball valves are equipped with a true metal-to-metal seal between ball and seat ring and are gas-tight, even at high pressures up to 690 bar. “

Peter Wegjan, Page 20

„ARI-Armaturen confirms internal leak-tightness by testing according to EN 12266, leakage rate A. Testing to other standards such as API 598 is possible at the customer’s request.“

Jan-Erik Fischer, Werner Peters, Page 30

„Thanks to its large store of experience, PRUSS can supply tightly-sealing quick-action stop and control valves that are capable of successfully passing the type testing requirement of 20,000 actuation cycles under operating conditions.“

Wilfried Drehmel, Page 38

„What does the implementation of Recommended Practice S2812-X-19 or ISO/TC 153 N 425, ISO/NP 5115 in practice mean for the various groups involved such as valve and actuator manufacturers, integrators, and end-users of automated valve assemblies?“

Andreas Vogt, Page 43

„Thanks to the multiple benefits described above, today’s new plants and projects are already planned and built using Industrial Ethernet networks wherever possible. For electric actuators this means, in the medium term, a transition from classic fieldbus such as Profibus DP to Industrial Ethernet networks such as Profinet."

Christian Seiler, Page 49

Our Technical Reports

Directly from practice and definitely worth reading: Our technical reports from industry and academia.

5-fold eccentric butterfly valve for hydrogen applications

The report presents a butterfly valve with a special geometry that is ideally suited for use in hydrogen applications.

Dr. Gregor Gaida

Reliable ball valves and tests for hydrogen applications

In addition to special hydrogen ball valves and wellheads the manufacturer Hartmann Valves now also offers material suitability and hydrogen leak tightness tests for challenging hydrogen (H2) applications.

Peter Wegjan

Fittings for demanding hydrogen applications

In this technical report, the various requirements for valves with the hydrogen application field are explained in more detail. Particular attention is paid to future hydrogen applications.

Joachim Rödiger

Valve solutions for hydrogen applications

This report describes the most important aspects to be considered when selecting valves for use in hydrogen.

Jan-Erik Fischer, Werner Peters

Simple implementation of DIN SPEC 91406 for valve manufacturers

This article shows how valve manufacturers can use the Conexo system to equip their products to DIN SPEC 91406 in the shortest possible time and deliver them to their customers.

Marcus Ripsam

Quick-action stop and control valves for hydrogen applications

The author describes in this article the important factors in the use of industry-standard valves for hydrogen, in view of the fact that existing projects in the hydrogen sector are to be expanded in the future.

Wilfried Drehmel

New actuators for the processing industry

Until now, actuators for an output torque of up to 64 Nm have been widely used in various industries. The manufacturer Schiebel is now supplementing its range with four additional rotary actuators in sizes from 125 Nm to 1,000 Nm.

Barbara Taussig-Schiebel

Treating of “Automated Valve Assemblies” as “Engineered Products

The article highlights what the implementation of Recommended Practice S2812-X-19 or ISO/TC 153 N 425, ISO/NP 5115 means in practice for the various groups involved, such as valve and actuator manufacturers, integrators and end users.

Andreas Vogt

Industrial Ethernet: Futureproof integration of electric actuators

Offering outstanding connectivity, combined with simple and robust transmission technologies, protocols like Industrial Ethernet are key enablers for enhanced data integration, intelligent analytics and IIoT applications, providing enormous potential to optimize processes and maximize plant availability.

Christian Seiler

Safe sealing components for applications in the Arctic Circle

The author shows which seals and materials are suitable for use in harsh conditions - such as those prevailing in the Porlar Circle.

Michael Kröger

Resilient metal seals for critical valve applications

Metallic seals are used when seals made of other materials fail. They are suitable, for example, for valves used in increasingly demanding environments.

Thomas J. Ritter

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