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Compact, autonomous electrohydraulic valve actuators


Publication Form: Fachartikel
Article No.: 30285_2012_SP1_06
Issue: Special 1
Issue Name: Compact, autonomous electrohydraulic valve actuators
Publication Date: 30.09.2012
Author: Marcus Grödl/Babak Farrokhzad
Publication House: Vulkan-Verlag GmbH
Pages: 5
Publication Form: PDF
Language: en
Topic: Industriearmaturen


Hydraulic valve actuators have an ambivalent image on the market. On the one hand, system planners and valve manufacturers welcome their power density, high rigidity and easy integration of safety functions. On the other hand, users see considerable disadvantages in their installation size, the necessary piping and attendant problems in terms of reliability and maintenance. The new electrohydraulic compact power pack developed by HOERBIGER is a valve actuator that requires no piping or additional installation effort. This family of actuators blends the strengths of electric and hydraulic actuator technologies: high power density, easy integration of safety functions as well as high rigidity and intelligent functions.

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