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Innovative adaptation technology for more hygienic filling

Author: Michael Heeg

Date: 14. May. 2024

PD with filling needle adaptation on GEMÜ AF40 actuator
Source: GEMÜ
Innovative adaptation technology for more hygienic filling

With its new patented seal system for filling needle and filling pipe systems, valve manufacturer GEMÜ has brought to market an adaptation option for filling needles. It ensures hermetic separation between the actuator and medium. This means that any lift effect and contamination of the medium can be avoided.

On the basis of the GEMÜ F40 and GEMÜ F60 servoDrive filling valves, tried and tested PD technology (plug-diaphragm technology) has been expanded to include a new PD version with a stainless steel thread. It is pressed directly into the PTFE in the sintering process. With the new seal system, you need no more flushing behind the gland packing seals.

More speed in hygienic filling processes

The danger of contamination due to lubricants from the actuator or due to the lifting effect is also avoided. The new GEMÜ PD, in combination with GEMÜ F40 and GEMÜ F60 high-performance actuators, improves the hygiene and performance of every filling application with filling needle and/or filling pipe systems, across all media and containers.

Filling needle and filling pipe systems are often used in the fluid filling applications of liquid and viscous media. This principle is used primarily in the cosmetics industry or for filling pharmaceutical products. Also in the foodstuff industry, for example for dairy products, juices and sauces. With this new seal system, GEMÜ made it possible to elevate the safety, accuracy and speed of the filling process.

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