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New aluminum filter regulators enhance process efficiency

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Author: Michael Heeg

Date: 12. May. 2023

New aluminum filter regulators enhance process efficiency
New aluminum filter regulators enhance process efficiency
New aluminum filter regulators enhance process efficiency

Technology provider Emerson has launched its ASCO™ 641, 642 and 643 series aluminium filter regulators. The new products handle high flow rates and enable manufacturers to provide complete valve control solutions from a single source.

The new ASCO™ series 641, 642 and 643 aluminum filter regulators maximize process efficiency. Also they reduce unplanned downtime in a broad range of process applications. This line of durable, aluminum filter regulators can handle the highest flow rates of any regulators in their class. They provide precise pressure regulation to downstream instruments.

Alternative to the stainless steel filter regulator

An alternative to stainless steel filter regulators, the new products complete Emerson’s suite of valve piloting technologies. This allows process manufacturers to source their total valve piloting solutions, including solenoid valves, switch boxes, filter regulators and accessories, from one global technology partner.

By using one supplier, manufacturers can simplify their supply chains, improve design accuracy and access comprehensive engineering support. Designing a valve piloting solution that includes technologies from different suppliers splits vendor responsibility and can introduce an opportunity for error.

Filter regulators offer high flow rates

“Sourcing valve piloting technology from multiple vendors is time-consuming and complicates supply chains, while limited options for conventional filter regulators leave some customers with unmet needs,” said Mike Howells, marketing manager, process applications for Europe, Middle East & Africa at Emerson.


“Our new ASCO series 641, 642 and 643 aluminum filter regulators simplify sourcing for our customers and ensures that they have industry-leading technology that enhances process efficiency, safety and reliability.”

With high flow rate capabilities of up to 370.8 standard cubic feet per minute (10,500 liters per minute), the new products improve process efficiency and ensure that stringent process valve opening/closing requirements like those for emergency shutdown valves are met. Higher flow rates provide more air to the valve actuator, which increases the opening and closing speed of process valves. Depending on the application, slow valve closures can increase safety risks.

Three-stage controller line

These robust filter regulators feature rugged construction and advanced engineering that further enhance safety and maintain plant uptime, while specialized powder coating ensures reliable operation in harsh, corrosive process environments. Effective moisture removal keeps media dry to protect downstream devices, and sophisticated media filtration prevents downstream process contamination.

This three-tiered regulator line provides a .25-inch to 1-inch coverage and is highly customizable. Process manufacturers can choose advanced features such as Quick Relief, which enhances safety and operational certainty by exhausting downstream pressure if supply air pressure is lost, as well as low-temperature and low-copper variants, manual and automatic draining, global certifications, and many other options that serve specific applications, in the chemical, oil and gas, energy and utilities, food and beverage, and water and wastewater industries.

Here you can find more information about the new aluminum filter regulators

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