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Industrial Valves 2022 – Newest Issue – Download for Free

Author: Simon Meyer

Date: 25. Apr. 2022

What steps are important now to enable a stable but sustainable economy?
The international edition of “Industriearmaturen+Dichtungstechnik” would like to accompany you in these steps and show you what is already possible today in industrial valves to produce more sustainably.
On the one hand, there is a need for a massive increase in the efficiency of our plants. There is still a lot of potential here that can be exploited with the help of modern measurement technology and correctly designed valves and actuators. A technical report on page 43, for example, shows how this can be done. Networking plants can also help. Actuators that collect and monitor data via Ethernet increase plant availability, as an article on page 49 explains. In addition to optimizing efficiency, however, the type of energy we used to supply our plants or even the population is also important. The industry, which has been using hydrogen for over 40 years, has a special role to play in the energy turnaround, which politicians are promoting with a major hydrogen campaign. In our trade magazine, you will find five technical articles that describe in more detail the handling of this challenging medium and show which fittings are used for it and how to test their suitability. Even the supposed C-part, seals, has an important role to play when it comes to avoiding emissions, as the reports on pages 54 and 56 show. On the other hand, there are many other innovative solutions and new products that help users achieve their goals. You can find some of them on pages 4 to 15 or in our Buyers’ Guide starting on page 60.

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