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SAMSON: Building permit granted, work begins

Author: Michael Heeg

Date: 24. Oct. 2023

MainChange is the largest investment and innovation project in SAMSON's 116-year history.
Source: SAMSON
SAMSON: Building permit granted, work begins

SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT has received the official certificate of completion of the building permit procedure for its new factory in Offenbach am Main. Prior to this, the second necessary building permit for SAMSON’s Factory of the Future – MainChange project was granted.

“The second building permit marks the conclusion of the successful approval process”, says Dr Andreas Widl, CEO of SAMSON. “We are grateful for the speedy work of the Offenbach authorities and offices. Our MainChange mega project was therefore able to start as planned.”

The construction work of the industrial company from Frankfurt am Main on the Offenbach Innovation Campus comprises two construction phases. The first to be completed will be the electronics manufacturing facility with sprinkler control centre and parking area, as well as the factory road. The building application for this first construction phase was approved in less than three months on 13 June 2023. Construction work could start on 1 August 2023.

Completion in 2026

SAMSON plans to start producing electronic positioners for the valves, its main product, in Offenbach as early as October 2024. In the second step, the remaining buildings and facilities will be erected, including the 45-metre-high, digitally controlled shelf warehouse, the paint shop and electroplating shop, the mobility centre and the forum with office space, which are scheduled to be occupied as early as autumn 2025.

The factory hall for assembling the large valves is the last to be completed. These units weigh up to nine tonnes in some cases. The large valve assembly is scheduled to go into operation in the second half of 2026. By using photovoltaics and electrical energy storage, at least 50 % self-sufficiency in energy supply will already be achieved then.

Dr Felix Schwenke, Lord Mayor of Offenbach am Main: “Our goal is for Samson’s plans to become reality. That is good for Samson and good for Offenbach. That’s why all the city’s offices and companies are continuing to support the project intensively and the political leadership is being informed about the current status at least every 14 days. This is how we want to continue together in the long term.”

Largest investment project in SAMSON’s history.

The relocation of the globally oriented industrial company with 2,000 employees in Frankfurt am Main alone is a logistical challenge. In addition to 1,000 machines and systems, SAMSON is moving around 3,000 tonnes of material and about 1,000 office workstations. Only what is really needed at the new location is moved.

“We can do this because the employees are highly motivated to make their contribution to this special project”, says Dr. Andreas Widl. “We at SAMSON are looking forward to our new, modern plant and the city of Offenbach.”

MainChange is the largest investment and innovation project in SAMSON’s 116-year history. The globally oriented manufacturer of products, systems as well as digital process technology and software solutions for controlling and regulating all kinds of media has been located in Frankfurt am Main since 1916 and is the largest industrial company in the city.

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