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Test bench for large valves

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Author: Michael Heeg

Date: 11. Aug. 2023

The test bench in SAMSON LEUSCH's production hall weighs around 120 tonnes.
Test bench for large valves

SAMSON LEUSCH GmbH Industriearmaturen has set up a high-performance facility especially for large butterfly valves. The test bench ensures the quality of the company’s control and butterfly valves.

The valves are tested for their pressure resistance. At the heart of the testing process is the triple eccentric butterfly valve LTR 43.

Pressure is generated in the test bench equal to the pressure in the intended application. If the pressure-bearing components of the valve withstand the test pressure, customers can rest assured that the valve will function stably and durably under operating conditions.

Three different pressure tests possible

The following pressure tests are performed in accordance with the specified standards:

  1. strength test: the test serves to prove the compressive strength of the pressure-bearing components against the internal pressure. The test medium is a water-oil mixture that is stored in a 3000-litre tank.
  2. tightness test against internal pressure: the test serves to prove the tightness of the seals against the internal pressure.
  3. seat tightness: the test serves to prove that the specified leakage rate of the seat is maintained.

The test is performed with liquid (water) or gases (air, nitrogen or helium). Laser technology is used to measure the leakage in bubbles or drops during the testing process. In this way, even the smallest leaks can be detected.

Test bench weighs 120 tonnes

An important parameter regarding the technical data of the test rig is the nominal width. It is up to 84 inches. This means that the valve can have an inner diameter of up to 2.10 metres.

Another relevant parameter is the maximum test pressure. With the SAMSON LEUSCH test bench, it is a maximum of 650 bar (water) or 250 bar (gas).

The maximum clamping pressure of 3600 tonnes is not insignificant. The test bench weighs 120 tonnes and has a floor area of 540 sq ft. With this test rig, SAMSON LEUSCH is equipped to test valves weighing up to 20 tons with a length of up to three metres “face to face”.

Delivery on six articulated lorries

In order to ensure the quality of the industrial valves in accordance with international standards ex works Neuss, LEUSCH has decided in 2019 to install a further test bench for large nominal diameters in the production hall.

“At the time, the test bench was delivered on six articulated lorries”, recalls production manager Sebastian Schulz.

To protect the personnel, the testing area has been enclosed by a 3-metre-high protective wall. In order to be as flexible as possible, the test bench has been installed around 2,5 meters below ground level. This means that the largest valves with high superstructures can be tested.

“Test bench enables 100 % safety”

To optimise the material flow, a rail system was installed on the floor of the production hall. This allows the valve including the actuator to be moved to the test bench.

“It is good that we at SAMSON LEUSCH have such a high performer at our disposal,” says CEO Bernd Jenner with a view to the test bench. “100% of the finished and assembled valves are tested in order to provide our customers with 100% safety and top quality.”

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