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Actuators: smart control, variable speed

Author: Isabell Hochstrat

Date: 13. Mar. 2024

Rotork adds advanced features to their series of intelligent actuators.
Source: Rotork
Actuators: smart control, variable speed

Rotork has updated its IQ3 Pro series of intelligent actuators and introduced several key improvements. The features include increased speeds for the IQT3F Pro electric modulating actuators, independent open/close speeds for part-turn actuators and closed-loop control for the multi-turn and part-turn actuators.

The optional increased speed for the IQT3F Pro electric modulating actuators is available for sizes 50, 100 and 125. The speed is adjustable, including a slow mode for accurate positioning and a high-speed option. This makes them suitable for choke valve applications, where faster speeds are required.

With the independent open/close speeds, customers can configure IQ3 Pro part-turn actuators’ speed settings for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.

Actuators use the PID closed-loop control

Another feature added is closed-loop control. Closed-loop control takes the on-off/bang-bang control or PID control methodologies. They are typically used in a PLC or discrete PID controller and incorporates them into the range. Multi-turn non-modulating IQ3 Pro actuators use a setpoint positioning method known as “bang-bang”. The IQT3 Pro and IQ3M Pro part-turn actuators use the PID control method.

Control and commissioning by app

The IQ3 Pro range valve actuators are robust, flexible, and reliable. They have a double-sealed enclosure, ‘non-intrusive’ commissioning, and predictive maintenance capabilities using the in-built data loggers. Control and commissioning can be done via a Rotork app, Bluetooth® Setting Tool Pro, or local control knobs. Data logs can be downloaded to the app, then exported to Insight 2 or sent via Rotork’s cloud-based intelligent asset management (iAM) system.

The functionality and reliability is available for valves of virtually every size and description, including multi-turn, part-turn, linear, isolating and modulating, with watertight and hazardous area approvals to all internationally recognised standards.

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