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ASME approval for ball valves and butterfly valves

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Author: Michael Heeg

Date: 31. Jul. 2023

GEMÜ has carried out burst tests according to ASME B31.3 standard on its butterfly valves and ball valves.
Source: GEMÜ
ASME approval for ball valves and butterfly valves

The GEMÜ R480 series butterfly valves and the GEMÜ BB02 series ball valves have successfully completed testing for ASME approval.

In order to export products to the USA, some states require certification according to the ASME standard. Furthermore, there are many other countries that impose or accept approval according to the ASME code. These approvals are currently recognized in 113 countries all over the world.

This certification opens the door to customers with international operations and enables manufacturers to market their products around the world. Having the ASME stamp on products certifies that the required safety standards of the ASME code have been fulfilled.

Testing under extreme conditions

GEMÜ performed burst tests according to the ASME B31.3 standard on the GEMÜ R480, R481, R487 and R488 butterfly valves and the GEMÜ BB02, B22, B42 and B52 ball valves to ensure that the products meet the highest safety standards.

The bursting pressure was calculated from the pressure rating and the material characteristics. This pressure was then applied to the valves to test whether the body would reliably withstand extreme conditions. The pressure was maintained using specially made burst flanges and custom-designed O-rings in the body.

ASME approval guarantees independent and objective assessment

An external auditor monitored the burst pressure testing to verify that it complied with the specified requirements. This monitoring ensured that the findings were assessed independently and objectively and that the GEMÜ products met the highest standards.

The GEMÜ butterfly valves and ball valves passed these demanding tests and were certified with a safe and reliable performance.

You will find a market review on the topic of “ball valves” in the next issue of our IAD trade magazine.

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