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Pneumatic quarter-turn actuators for extended end position settings

Author: Michael Heeg

Date: 26. Sep. 2023

bar-agturn® on 2-way valve with flap seal
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Pneumatic quarter-turn actuators for extended end position settings

The squaring of the circle does not have to be limited to the opening angle of 90° for shut-off devices, but other end position settings can be individually set.

The bar-agturn actuator series with angle extension up to 180° can be used for valves that have an operating range beyond the opening angle of 90°. Examples are 3-way valves, pipe diverters or flap boxes in industrial applications, in bulk material handling and water treatment at

  • System and valve manufacturers
  • Pump and blower manufacturers
  • Plant manufacturers

A typical process is the use of a butterfly valve for throttling. It must never close completely, but must remain open by at least 10° to 15° to maintain the pump function. Extended end position adjustment is also necessary for 3-way Y-type valves. Despite different switch shapes, the same actuator model can be set up and individually adjusted to the outlet angles.

End position settings with absolute accuracy

Optimum adjustment of the fitting is achieved on the bar-agturn with the aid of a newly developed, patented adjustment cam as well as one adjustment screw each for the end position settings.With this cam, the adjustment range has been considerably extended.

The setting angle of the drive can now be limited up to 20° before the respective nominal end position. In addition, the special shape of the setting cam ensures that the optimum pressure point is exerted on the setting screw at every set angle. Transverse forces that could damage the screw are thus excluded.

Economical and safe

This interaction enables precise adjustment to the production process, thus avoiding downtimes. Without constant readjustment and checking during adjustment, there is a considerable saving of time.

The valves are protected, as caking of the medium is prevented and opening against the process flow is not necessary. Another positive aspect is the reduced loss in the batches due to continuous processes.

Any desired rotating angle between 90° and 180° can be precisely adjusted to individual fittings with the variable adjustment options and increases availability in the application. The reduced number of variants reduces stock-keeping. The SIL 3 certified pneumatic actuators bar-agturn® guarantee increased reliability of industrial plants.

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