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Versatile end position feedback for system operation

Author: Michael Heeg

Date: 18. Jul. 2023

Thanks to its simple functionality, the bar-miniswitch automatically sets the switching points of the end positions with mechanical or inductive switches.
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Position feedback systems are used on quarter-turn valves in piping systems. They must match to the application conditions and quarter-turn actuator sizes.

The bar-miniswitch optical/electrical limit switch feedback system is a flexible all-rounder for system operation. At the same time, the optimal and compact design requires only a minimum of installation space.

End position feedback reduces mounting time and installation costs

The simple functionality should be emphasized, because bar-miniswitch automatically sets the switching points of the end positions with mechanical or inductive switches. The electrical connections are simply plugged in. This means that the user does not have to open the box either for setting or for the electrical connection.

The result is a positive balance for assembly time and installation costs, because no specialized personnel is required for system construction or replacement of the box.

All components are made of corrosion-resistant materials. The actuators shaft is well protected by the flat design using mounting plates. Despite the small size of the end-position feedback, the flow paths can be easily detected for both 2/2-way and 3/2-way valves.

Subsequent assembly possible

The bar-miniswitch is suitable for larger quarter-turn actuators. A special mounting bridge was developed for the required 130 x 30 mm dimension size.

An optional pinion extension implements the error-free end position feedback. The bridge itself is made of two parts, so that it can also be easily retrofitted in existing systems.

Certifications for special areas of application

To meet the requirements of the American and Canadian market, the bar-miniswitch has undergone UL/CSA certification. Therefore all electrical components were tested. System planners and plant operators can easily use the end position feedback to pass all system acceptance tests.

The suitability in functionality and working condition for special maritime operating conditions in the offshore area and various types of ships was certified with a DNV certificate. The end position feedback also offers protection class IP66 for valve automation in many processes in merchant, passenger or naval vessels.

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